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Why British Montessori?
Montessori gives us a truly individual approach and the profound belief that education should continue well beyond classrooms. The British curriculum gives us the excellence and academic results which are a key factor for success. Our expert team provides careful guidance while our unique Education For Life Programme ensures that learning at our school always happens in a real-life context.
What are the benefits of attending a Boarding School?
Our top boarding school environment nurtures independence as well as adaptability while offering an exclusive opportunity to meet like-minded peers from all over the world. Moreover, Montessori British students are immersed in a stimulating learning environment with a Botanical garden to connect to nature and handworkfrom morning until evening, which gives them time to collaborate on projects and discover new interests.
Why is Montessori British such an innovative school?
We are perfecting the art of education since 2014 and innovation is firmly rooted in our DNA, as well as tradition from British schools and creative common sense from Montessori. Consequently, our organisational culture can best be described as that of a 120 year old start-up. We combine years of expertise with a passion to provide the best boarding school experience in the world. As a consequence, we preserve perpetual values while keeping focused on our mission: to provide the most forward-looking and holistic educational environment possible.
What is the school's philosophy on diversity?
We celebrate diversity and we cannot imagine living in a world without differences. Our students preserve their own identity while embracing an open-minded, international perspective that is defined by mutual respect. We value different capacities and interests, and provide every resource possible to
Is Montessori Bristish an Elite Boarding School
We see our students as exceptional human beings who are keen to employ their talents to make a lasting, positive impact on the world and have a deep awareness that privilege always carries responsibility. We are committed to providing education for this next generation of responsible leaders with a global mindset, and in this sense we could be considered an elite boarding school. However, we do not subscribe to the interpretation of an “elite” that exploits others and abuses power or privileges.

Who are we?

Montessori Bristish

Our students are nurtured to become independent, self-confident and responsible individuals who follow traditional values of respect, honesty, empathy and global awareness whilst acquiring a life-long love of learning.

Now you can enjoy the best of traditional Montessori British schooling with the advantages of the blended classroom: benefit from our intensive Boarding School and the commitment of World Class Teachers.

The result is a high-quality, cost-effective, individualized and respectful education that gives you ownership of your family time and organization, and adapts smoothly to any circumstances (travel, quarantine, lockdown, job change, etc..)



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