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The best of traditional Montessori British schooling with the advantages of the blended classroom: benefit from our Nomad Programmes, Boarding School and the commitment of World Class Teachers.


– Maria Montessori

Welcome to British Montessori School!


Discover a high-quality, cost-effective, individualized and respectful education that gives you ownership of your family time and organization and adapts smoothly to any circumstances (travel, quarantine, lockdown, etc)


Freedom and Simplicity is part of our DNA: our Nomad Programmes can combine perfectly with our Murcia campus, the botanical garden and the Boarding option… our students benefit from an exceptional learning environment where they can experience Nature safely.

Putting your family needs first, you may choose any number of school attendance days a year both virtual and on campus. 

We prioritize the wellbeing and the needs of the students over just academics, and believe in Education For Life.



With our offer of Montessori’s Extracurriculars (Rocket!), students can reinforce their knowledge of Maths, English and Science, in a dynamic and interactive way, and achieve the iGCSE and A-Levels, equivalent to Secondary and Baccaleaurate.

We reach students Worldwide. Our method champions interdisciplinary, inquiry-based learning that promotes creative and critical thinking skills, communication, planning, teamwork and leadership..


UK National Curriculum + a Montessori learner-centered approach, delivered by experienced, qualified teachers to small groups of students from all over the World.

As a Pearson Edexcel Official Examination Centre, we prepare students for UK official exams, International GCSE and A-Levels, with a personalized approach.

With our advanced methods we focus on getting the official certificates, and use the resto of the time for the Education for Life.


Primary School

Our options between 5 and 11 years old.


Secondary School

IGCSE and A-Levels. For 12 to 18 years old.


Pearson Exams

Pearson certifications. IGCSE, A-Levels, etc.


School Camps

Educational camps. For 5 to 18 years old.


Nomad Programme

Reaching students everywhere

Our Nomad program combines the best Online practices nowadays, is perfect for travelling families, highly talented students looking for a personalised approach, sports, and art students and separated or divorced parents living in different cities or countries, this allows their children to stay with their respective parents at any chosen time.

Our methodology is child-centred, we aim to provide students with tools and skills for autonomy, self-directed learning, creativity and a global mindset. We want to guide students until they have reached their own personal goals:

Entry to university, start their own professional or artistic career or create their own business.

Every day, there are online lessons (in blocks of no more than 50 minutes) led by a trained Montessori and/or English-speaking or bilingual teacher.

With our advanced methods, we guide student’s interest and curiosity towards learning, not only to comply with stage standards, but to expand their newly acquired competencies and knowledge.

Students design their own (online and offline) meaningful projects by expanding their interests through a purposeful exchange with their teachers and their peers in multi-age, multi-talent groups.

Individual coaching occurs constantly (with accountancy of their academic and own personal goals).
Parental advice is offered for each child’s developmental advancement.

We also offer on-campus lessons and activities in our Murcia school, which you can join. And the possibility to enrol in our boarding school for a week or two, a full term, etc. We are a flexible school.

Signature Method

Our students are nurtured to become independent, self-confident and responsible individuals who follow traditional values of respect, honesty, empathy and global awareness whilst acquiring a life-long love of learning.

The Right Choice

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In our Blog:

Business A-Level

The International A-Level in business offers an excellent opportunity to develop a comprehensive understanding of business knowledge and transferable skills that are highly sought after by employers and universities around the world.

Una mirada a 2022 en el colegio Montessori British de Murcia.

Entre otras muchas cosas, algunos de los proyectos que queremos destacar de este año que ahora termina son:• Proyecto "Océano".• Proyecto "Egipto".• Proyecto "Mesopotamia".• Proyecto "Darwin".• Proyecto "Fósiles".• Proyecto “Victorianos”.• Proyecto “La Tribu”.•...

Arte para finalizar el año

Para felicitaros el cambio de año, ¿qué mejor que algunos de los trabajos de Arte de nuestra clase Platypus, con alumnos de 11 y 12 años? Deseamos que os gusten: ¡Feliz año 2023! De parte de todo el equipo del colegio.

La semana escolar de 4 horas

Nuestra directora, Mercedes Gil, reflexiona en OK Diario sobre como cambiaría la vida del educando si la semana escolar fuera de solo 4 horas. Esta es una de nuestras propuestas, pensada especialmente para nómadas digitales, para que mediante una hora al día de lunes...

Estas vacaciones: Rocket Wintercamp

Campamento virtual para niños de 6 a 12 años. Disfruta de tus vacaciones de invierno de una forma diferente.
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