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In English class (Platypus) I am reading The Anne Frank Diary.

We haven’t finished it yet. I’m really having fun reading this diary because I didn’t know anything of the war in Germany and of the Jews but thanks to this diary I know much more now. (I’m also reading it on my own)

This book is about a Jewish girl named Anne. Her life was very ordinary; school, friends, boys and all the other stuff young girls like to do. However her life turned upside down with the war.

One day the Germans called-up her sister, Margott, telling her that she had to go to a labour camp. Her parents decided that the following day they would escape and go to a hiding place until the war was over.

Luckily in the same building were Otto (the father) worked there was a little house were they could stay. After a week a new family joined them, the van Daan family, they were three: Mr. van D. Mrs. van D. and Petter van D.

This secret hidding was called the secret Anex.

There were people that helped those families. They helped them by doing the shopping or what ever they nedeed.

I don’t wan’t to write any more because I will spoil the  book for you but I’m going to show you is a piece I wrote for English class.

Dear diary,

Today I’ve had to go to the secret Anex because the Frank family couldn’t go shopping for their things so I had to do it.

I’m helping the Frank family and the van D. family because I don’t agree with the Germans and all those stupid things of war.

I had to be very carefull because the Germans may see me so I went very early in the morning. The streets were empty and I was freezing although I had my coat on. The sun was rising up, the sky was full with beautifull red, orange and pink colours, there were little clouds, they were like cotton clouds. 

When I arrived to their secret Anex I saw the bookshelf also I saw Anne with her father, they were building a desk, they were so busy that when I knock on the door they didn’t hear it, so instead Mr van Daan came to open the door.

Margott and her mother were doing the dishess… well, Margott was just sitting while her mum was doing the dishes. Mrs van Daan was collecting dirty clothes to wash. Peter was reading a book while he looked at Anne from the corner of his eye, he didn’t seem to have fun at all.

“I have a surprise for all of you!” I exclaimed in a low voice.

“What is it?” asked Peter.

“You have to come to see it,” I told them and then Anne came and she saw two little cats on a box.

“I thought you would like it,” I whispered

“They’re adorable!” whispered Anne. “But how would we feed them?”

“I would come every day to feed them and I would take them outside and have a walk with them.” I reassured her.

“Thank’s alot,” Anne said. The rest of the delivery went smoothly without problems.

V.T. (Year 8 student)

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